In 2011, I transitioned out of ownership of my dental practice after 32 years as a sole proprieter. Cherry Tree Dental of Wisconsin was the purchaser. With their experience the details and legal negotiations were relatively minimal.

Since 2002, I had desired to find a partner to share the dentistry and purchase up to 50% of my business. Two qualified dentists working with me over the next six years did not lead to a partnership. One left to start a solo practice and the other returned back to school to specialize. 

Now it was 2008 and the second associate dentist have moved on. I was back at square one. I listed the entire practice for sale with a national sales broker. I was hoping to sell to an individual and continue to work as their employee. After 3 years, there had been only one viable individual candidate. That sale never went to completion due to the inflexible negotiations of the broker.

The broker now began to push for a sale to a large group practice. I refused to go in that direction. I started to explore the Cherry Tree Dental concept. A sale to Cherry Tree would meet my objectives:

  • Job security for my staff
  • Continuity for my patients
  • Reduced administration
  • Continue to practice in the same location, maintaining practice identity
  • Security for my family knowing they would not need to deal with a sale if I should die or become disabled

Looking back at the first year with Cherry Tree Dental, I find most every aspect a positive one. My staff is unchanged and should have continued job security. The patients in general did not sense a change in environment nor policy. The objectives of the sale were met.

There were a few business decisions that I would have made differently, however they did not have a direct effect on providing dental treatment. I am adjusting to the fact that I do not need to make as many decisions on a daily basis and this is a good thing.

I recommend considering the options of Cherry Tree Dental for a dentist considering a transition from practice ownership or to a dentist wanting to start a professional career in Wisconsin.

-Vincent E. Bearjar, DMD



After seven years with a “corporate” group practice it was time for a change.  I needed to leave an environment in which having “good numbers” and a “good procedure mix” was valued more than patient care.  I sought out various options and Cherry Tree met my needs.  Ultimately, I realized that I was looking for a situation where I could do the dentistry I wanted to do and leave the business management to someone who knew more than I.

My experiences with Cherry Tree Dental have been nothing but positive.  If you are seeking an environment in which your clinical decisions are not second-guessed, this is for you.  I have never once felt as if I had to do certain procedures, or that I had certain benchmarks to meet.  The tools are available for me to be successful, unimpeded by a rigid corporate philosophy.  I honestly feel that everyone around me in interested in my success.

-Jeremy Hoffman, DDS



In 2011, I joined Cherry Tree Dental. They acquired both of my dental practices in which I was asole proprietor. After 32 years in private practice I thought it was time to ease some of the burden of private ownership. I had concerns for the future as to a new graduate with enormous debt being able to acquire a loan to purchase my offices.

The transition went very smoothly and other than whom to write the checks to, nothing in the office has changed. I still managed the office, staff stayed the same, and participation in insurance plans stayed with my decisions. Cherry Tree Dental also does all of its advertising in the doctor's name.

After two years with Cherry Tree Dental I am happy with my decision. The offices run as smoothly as ever, I have eliminated numerous bookkeeping chores, my staff works for Cherry Tree Dental, I have more freedom with vacations, and I am provided with any equipment I feel would make our practice better.

If you feel it is your time, I recommend choosing Cherry Tree Dental for your transition.

-William Seavecki, DDS



I was hesitant to consider joining any group, even though I had great respect for several of the dentists who had already joined Cherry Tree Dental. My experience has been entirely positive, and unlike anything I may have expected. Bear in mind that immediately after dental school graduation I worked for a corporate dental chain; within 6 years I was eager to move into private practice and have been very happy with that decision.

Since I became involved with Cherry Tree Dental, my employees and practice methods remain the same (no pressure, no staff changes) and the buyout offer for my practice was generous. The compensation has been according to the contract, and it is great to work with honorable people. Cherry Tree Dental has cetainly exceeded my expectations. The group encourages learning and involvement in organized dentistry, and provides opportunities for professional enrichment. We have had CE, organized OSHA updates, and enjoyed annual social gatherings.

I no longer spend hours doing payroll, taxes, and marketing. When my equipment needed upgrades, this was taken care of during the move into our new office building. We have combined several offices under one roof, which allows for job sharing between office staff, and we can maximize one another's strengths.

Now I have an exit strategy for retirement, and a group to help with emergency coverage after hours. Patients are satisfied with easier access, more options, and love the new building.

-Char Janeczko, DDS



I sold my practice to Cherry Tree Dental on December 1, 2012. I continued to officially practice with them until the end of May, 2014.

I am glad I made this choice. Transition or change is an iffy proposition, especially selling something that is a once-in-a-lifetime, long-term asset.

Cherry Tree Dental replaced me with a dentist I know and trust. The transition was deliberately unstructured. I pretty much left the scene this spring as she got to know the patients, staff and routine. Even as she inevitably makes changes suitable to her needs, I think patients have thrived on the "sameness" of the clinical transition itself.

Cherry Tree Dental has also tried to recognize the value of long-term front desk staff in implementing the inevitable corporate business practices.

The change at the practice is ongoing. I drive by and think about it often. I am grateful that I found Cherry Tree Dental, a group that largely shares my values, for what appears to be a pretty seamless transition.

-William Boylan, DDS



After 48 years in practice, my goal was to insure that my patients and staff would continue to have a pleasant work environment and excellence in care.  Our office was completely paperless and the facilities and quipment wwere modern and well kept.  The patients csme to us for quality of care and high professional ethics.

In the two years preceding my sale to Cherry Tree Dental of Wisconsin, LLC, we had numerous offers to purchase our practice.  Some of the offers were from corporate dentistry and some individuals.  None met my goals to treat the patients ethically, preserve the camaraderie of the staff or ensure the growth and smooth management of the practice.  Some of my colleagues had sold to the "money is the bottom line"  corporations and later came to regret it.

After Cherry Tree approached us, I toughly vetted them including speaking to several doctors who had sold to them.  The responses were all positive and it became apparent that Cherry Tree would meet the goals that I had set to transition the practice.  The time to complete the entire deal of selling my building and practice was a few short weeks and was very amicable.

At the time of our sale a younger dentist was moving back to our area and was looking for a practice that operated as we did.  He did not want to work in the type of corporate environment he had experienced as he disliked their operations.  He also vetted Cherry Tree and then agreed to work for them in our office.  I can now happily say that everything is working out well and all parties are satisfied with the arrangement.  The things that had worked well in the past were preserved and new policies and procedures have been implemented.  I would recommend any of my colleagues thinking about transitioning their practice to consider an offer from Cherry Tree Dental of Wisconsin, LLC.

- David D. Crane, DDS