Practice Philosophy

Why Cherry Tree Dental is Different

Our dedication to small, one- or two-dentist practices sets us apart from large, impersonal dental management companies. You’ll never see Cherry Tree Dental’s name on the building or ten doctors at one office. We value established, family practices, high-quality and continuity of care for patients, and work/life balance for our doctors and team.

Our commitment to team members extends to continuing education. We financially support ongoing education for our dentists and allow them ample time for classes, study, and seminars. Our doctors are encouraged to attend the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education in Key Biscayne, Florida. The Pankey philosophy teaches dentists to create a practice that reflects their own personal values and offers patients optimal care for a lifetime of health, comfort, and beauty. Cherry Tree Dental shares this philosophy.

We are also committed to an increasing progression of participation and ownership in the company. To achieve our goals and values, we strive to maintain long-term relationships with our partner dentists; Associate, Owner, Partner.

We handle the day-to-day business side of dental practices, including marketing plans, billing, recruitment, human resources issues, and more. Our experienced management team provides the opportunities, flexible transition arrangements, and resources you need to reach your goals, leaving you free to practice the art and science of dentistry.

Cherry Tree Dental is growing. If you are a student, or an established dentist looking for something different, contact Cherry Tree Dental today! Email or call Jack Young at (877) 628-2212.