Work with Cherry Tree Dental, and Realize a Better Way of Life

Enjoy a flexible schedule. Free yourself from administrative duties. Access advanced dental technology and state-of-the-art equipment. If this sounds good to you, contact us and find out how Cherry Tree Dental can help you achieve the life and practice you deserve.

  • Dentists and Practices Wanted for Affiliation or Mergers
    Cherry Tree Dental is looking for dentists, group practices, and private practices in Wisconsin for affiliation and/or merger opportunities. Discover Cherry Tree Dental’s unique approach for dentists who want to transition to retirement, change work/life balance, or improve operations. You can practice dentistry well into retirement by working a few hours a week or retire now with the benefit of Cherry Tree Dental’s experienced management staff.

Cherry Tree Dental is growing. If you are a student, or an established dentist looking for something different, contact Cherry Tree Dental today! Email or call Jack Young at (877) 628-2212 or info@cherrytreedental.com.