Consider a retirement path with our retiring dentist opportunities

Your practice has been an integral part of your life, and you have clear goals for its legacy. We assume the responsibilities of practice ownership, while maintaining your reputation and continuity of care for patients. We are here to guide you into a transformation schedule that is best suited for the next phase of your life.

Our retiring dentist opportunities career paths with Cherry Tree Dental mean:

  • The Right Move for You
    After building a successful, well-respected practice, you’ve earned the right to enjoy a healthy work-life blend. Let us absorb the burden of practice administration while maintaining your values, priorities, standard of patients, and take-home income. With our customized approach to practice management, we’ll find an exceptional solution that is fit for you.
  • Find Comfort in Our Network
    Partner dentists can rely on our business knowledge and support team to streamline operations, billing, office technology advancements, continuing education, training, and more. We provide the means to expand your practice and add innovative technology to move you into the rapidly evolving future of dentistry. In addition to this, we actively recruit additional dentists to share your workload to free up time for your personal interests and life.
  • Private Practice Model with Group Support
    Our dedication to embracing and retaining small family practices is what differentiates us from other dental organizations. Our goal is to provide an authentic atmosphere in each practice, allowing for the best possible patient care and experience.